Smart Home

Control your devices using your voice and from your smartphone, and track the status of your home while you are away.

Our solutions use IoT and cloud technology , both for status monitoring and to allow seamless control of your home systems, because we believe that technology has a lot to offer when it comes to intelligent, sustainable homes.

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Zero carbon

Our home designs have been conceived around the maximize passive, minimize active, i.e. hybrid design approach.

This allows to harness maximum natural resources available at your site, be it daylight for illuminating your interior spaces without causing undue overheating and promoting natural ventilation to achieve proper indoor air quality, both contributing to a healthy and thriving home environment.

The use of effective passive home design lies at the heart of our solutions, which combined with intelligent controls, contributes to highly performing homes. The passive design measures are integrated with aesthetics to produce a unique blend of elegance and performance, which is the very essence of sustainability for us.

The use of renewable energy, e.g. solar water heating and solar PV completes the picture to achieve the zero carbon status for our home designs.

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Natural Comfort

Our home designs emphasize on connection between nature and the built environment. We integrate the use of green roof, rainwater harvesting, and other sustainable products in Mauritius with the building architecture to enhance comfort naturally and optimally.

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Our Design Philosophy

We take an integrative approach to the design of a home to meet the needs of the occupants through a seamless marriage of architecture, engineering, and economics.

Our team has developed bespoke technological systems by integrating robust and proven solutions, in view of creating highly performing, sustainable home designs, while being financially viable. This means it is now possible to achieve elegance, sustainability and intelligence in your home, all in one place, cost effectively.