Save electricity

By using our cool roof design in Mauritius through the application of a reflective coat to your roof, you can save on cooling cost throughout the year. This is ideal for a tropical climate like Mauritius where heat penetration into the building is not beneficial.

Natural comfort

By preventing heat from penetrating inside the building, the building is naturally comfortable without the use of air conditioning. Eliminating the use of air conditioning keeps the air inside the building at its natural level and does not negatively impact the residents' health.

Easy implementation

Our cool roof can be implemented within a few days in Mauritius. This includes studying your building to select the best material, clearing the roof of obstructions, prepping the surface for application, and then applying the cool roof coating.


Cool roof in Mauritius pays for itself

By preventing your building in Mauritius from heating up using our cool roof, you are able to reduce the air conditioning or fan usage. This will in turn reduce your electricity bill on a monthly basis.

The low additional cost of a cool roof means that you'll be able to recover your money within the first year and will be able to enjoy the natural comfort of a cool roof in Mauritius for a long time after that.

Applied science to your building in Mauritius

We can offer sustainability services in prescribing cool roof and external hardscape finishes that can help reduce the urban heat island effect to prevent undue accumulation of heat and unwanted heat gains to interior spaces. This can be achieved by appropriate choice of materials and using shading strategies.

Reflective cool roof surface in Mauritius
Cool Roof in Mauritius

Reduce use of air conditioning to stay healthy

There are many known issues with using air conditioning for extended periods of time in Mauritius. Using cool roof, you are able to keep the residents comfortable inside the building by preventing heat from penetrating inside. This reduces electricity cost and keeps the residents healthy.

Staying for an extended period inside an air conditioned roof can dry up the skin and cause premature aging.

The sudden changes in temperature and humidity caused by air conditioning can negatively affect the body's respiratory system in Mauritius.

Air conditioning can also trigger allergic reaction in some people.

The best comfort can be obtained by keeping the building naturally cool using passive measures such as our cool roof in Mauritius.

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