smart energy auditing in Mauritius

Smart energy auditing

We use smart energy monitoring devices to quantitatively evaluate how much energy each area of your building in Mauritius is consuming. This provides a baseline as we increase the sustainability of your building. It also helps us identify devices powering on on their own and devices on standby that are using a lot of energy.

Elēkrŏn integrates renewable energy and smart home technologies to create valuable sustainable homes in Mauritius.

Detailed proposal

At the end of our audit, we provide a detailed proposal of passive design features we recommend adding to your building in Mauritius as well as what should be modified. We also investigate the usage of smart and sustainable products. We only propose investments that will provide positive return on investment within a reasonable period of time.

Smart home energy monitoring in Mauritius to make them more sustainable

Scientific approach

Is your monthly electricity bill too high compared to other similar buildings?

Elēkrŏn Sustainability Ltd prides itself in its scientific approach to optimizing your energy usage to make your building sustainable in Mauritius' climate. Unlike most other providers, we focus on quantifying the baseline energy usage before and after implementing our recommendations to determine how effective they were.

We are able to determine the root cause of your high energy usage by monitoring energy usage in each breaker of your building using our smart energy monitoring hub for at least 24 hours and then reviewing the data collected qualitatively with you.

Proposing solutions that you actually need

Are you tired of implementing solutions on your own or based on sales pitches that don't have a positive return on investment?

We have a broad set of features and devices in our repertoire but only suggest those that will actually have a positive impact on your building; either in making your building more sustainable in Mauritius by reducing your energy consumption or making your building more comfortable for the residents.

We have passive designs features we can recommend for your building based on the location, orientation, profile, and results from the energy audit. By looking at the big picture, we are able to pinpoint the most effective way to enhance the sustainability of your building and quantify the return on investment for you.

Sustainable roof in Mauritius to increase the sustainability of the building. This is the consulting services elekron can provide.

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