Save electricity

Our green roofs in Mauritius are cost effective ways to reduce your electricity cost. We work with you to determine how the green roof will change your electricity cost and calculate the potential payback period using local CEB tariffs as the baseline.

Natural comfort

Our green roofs prevent heat from penetrating inside the building through the roof, which keeps the building naturally comfortable without the use of air conditioning in Mauritius. Eliminating the use of air conditioning keeps the air inside the building at its natural level and does not negatively impact the residents' health.

Low Maintenance

Extensive green roof requires little maintenance and typically endemic plant species are selected with little water requirement that can sustain periods of low rainfall intensity. This means you can enjoy the benefit of a garden with lower electricity cost without much additional hassles.

Extensive green roof in Mauritius

Green Roofs in Mauritius

Green Roof is a very promising sustainable building element for Mauritius, well suited for the tropical climate, and able to deal with the high run-off rates experienced during periods of flash floods. Green roofs allow to significantly reduce (by up to 10 degrees celcius) the internal ceiling temperature while cutting the effective heat transferred to the indoor space, meaning regions in warm areas of Mauritius can benefit immensely to yield comfortable spaces with lower air-conditioning energy. Green roofs can even allow the design of fully passive buildings. The lower temperature caused by evapo-transpiration from plants and rainwater retention and filtration as the run-off permeates through the plant and substrate layers are other concrete advantages displayed by green roofs among the other numerous ones. Green roofs will bring added value to your roof, and provide unique gardening and recreational options, which has become lost over time due to land scarcity.

Biodiversity in Mauritius

Green roofs promote biodiversity in an attempt to recover the natural touch lost in displacing green land area by a built-up space. The outdoor liveable space offered by a green roof is of priceless value, and converts your bare roof into an area where you will love to be and which will in turn regulate the indoor thermal conditions of your room beneath.

green roof biodiversity in Mauritius
green roof solar panel mauritius

Make your Solar Panels more efficient

Green roofs have been shown to provide numerous benefits, and one of them is improved performance of solar PV installations by maintaining a lower operating temperature for the PV cells, hence higher efficiency of electricity generation in Mauritius. Green roofs also provide easier installation of PV panels supporting structure as the fixation needed to the roof surface is reduced significantly.

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