Elēkrŏn integrates renewable energy and smart home technologies to create valuable sustainable homes in Mauritius.


Tsai CITY Student Innovation Fund - Yale University

Tsai CITY Spring 2020 Accelerator - Yale University

Small Business Program 2020 - Yale School of Management

How we started

We have been passionate about green building design for a long time. Smart cleantech has progressed significantly in the past few years and are now accessible to most households who own their buildings.

Through conversations, we have found that there is a huge need for sustainable building designs in the Mauritian market. First, most households are willing to invest to reduce their electricity bill but do not know what investments have a positive return on investment. Next, most residents do not know how to integrate smart products into their buildings. Next, most Mauritians cannot afford to hire a sustainable designer because of the short supply in Mauritius. We decided to co-found Elēkrŏn in order to address that gap in the market.

Our Vision and Approach

Elēkrŏn focuses on simplifying access to sustainable building designs in Mauritius.

Elēkrŏn integrates renewable energy and smart home technologies into the home design process to create a net zero carbon emissions systems for the basic needs of the inhabitants. By managing all aspects of the design, we provide an integrated design for our customers. We also partner with law firms in Mauritius to ensure that our designs are within the legal framework in Mauritius.

The innovation derived from creating these sustainable smart homes will then be expanded into creating net zero carbon emissions neighborhoods and eventually cities. The end game is to apply this to the whole island of Mauritius.

Elēkrŏn has the vision to lead the sustainable efforts in order to transform Mauritius into a net zero carbon emissions economy by 2050.

Our Design Philosophy

We take an integrative approach to the design of a home to meet the needs of the occupants through a seamless marriage of architecture, engineering, and economics.

Our team has developed bespoke technological systems by integrating robust and proven solutions, in view of creating highly performing, sustainable home designs, while being financially viable. This means it is now possible to achieve elegance, sustainability and intelligence in your home, all in one place, cost effectively.