Reduce flooding

Mauritius has experienced an increase in flooding over the past few years due to global climate change. The flooding can be dangerous to your family and neighbors. It can also damage your property. With our rainwater harvesting system, you are able to capture that excess water and reuse it when the drainage system is not overburdened.

Pays for itself

Our rainwater harvesting system pays for itself in Mauritius. First, there are tax breaks available for the purchase of rainwater harvesting in Mauritius. Next, you will also reduce your water bill. Lastly, you will reduce damage to your property.

Low maintenance

Our rainwater harvesting system can be equipped with semi or fully automatic cleaning system. Since most filters are located in underground or confined areas, this eliminates the hassle of having to replace the filters regularly.

Rainwater Harvesting Mauritius

Rainwater harvesting system in Mauritius

Our rainwater harvesting system in Mauritius is a vital alternative for supplying households and businesses with water. We collect rainwater from the roof that is collected via the gutters. The water is then filtered to remove large particles before entering a storage tank.

Water storage and collection

The filtered water is then sent through a calmed inlet to ensure that the tank stays calm. This method allows tiny particles to settle to settle at the bottom or float to the surface.

There is a floating filter extraction point that is used to extract the water from the tank to its point of usage. This ensures that the water is free of sediment. This is a very cost-effective method of reusing rainwater that is collected in a storage tank.

How Rainwater Harvesting System Works rainwater harvesting mauritius
Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting in Mauritius

Why install Rainwater Harvesting in Mauritius?

Having a tank filled with rainwater means that you don't have to deal with water restrictions from CWA in Mauritius. This can be in addition to your potable water tank that you have above your house. This way, you can be sure that you'll always have a good supply of water available for both drinking and other non-potable uses.

With Mauritius experiencing drain issues, this can be the solution for your property. Stagnant water that is not drained properly can be unhealthy if not dealt with. Rainwater harvesting can provide you with peace of mind.

This system can be easily retrofitted into your existing building.