Easy install smart energy monitoring in Mauritius

Low cost & quick install

Our smart energy monitor is able to connect to your breaker panel in Mauritius. It is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. It can connect to up to 28 circuit breakers, each of which can be up to 1000A. Current Clamps (CT's) are easily installed. The installation will take a professional installer less than 4 hours.

Architecture for smart energy monitoring in Mauritius

Smart architecture

This smart architecture will allow monitoring of your energy using multiple manners. You can submeter at the circuit breaker level using our CT's or at the appliance level using our smart plug (up to 16A). All the data goes to the main hub and provides easily visualization of the big picture of your energy consumption in Mauritius.

Smart energy monitoring in mauritius using data visualization

Tailored visualization

The collected data is transferred over WiFi and used to graphically show the power usage from individual circuits as well as the total power usage. This allows smart monitoring of your industrial or commercial energy consumption in Mauritius.

Modularity of smart energy monitoring system in mauritius

Modular energy monitoring in Mauritius

Every customer's needs in Mauritius is different. Thus, we are able to quote the exact number of components you would need for your industrial or commercial building in Mauritius.

The Current Transformer (CT) hub is the main unit of the smart energy monitoring system. You can connect up to 4 CTs to each hub. Each of those CTs can measure currents up to 1000A depending on which version is installed.

We are able to daisy chain up to 7 CT hubs together, allowing for 28 CTs to be connected at the same time. The daisy chain also allows the smart energy monitoring system to cover up to 100m in Mauritius.

Instead of a CT and CT hub, a smart plug can be used to monitor the energy usage through that smart plug. This can be used to isolate devices and understand their impact on energy consumption.

The power box is the heart of the smart industrial or residential energy monitoring system. It powers all the components and measures the line voltages of the different connected phases. It then transfers the data to the Genius box.

The Genius is acts as a liaison between the smart commercial or industrial energy monitoring system in Mauritius to the cloud. Each purchase comes with 5-year license to use the cloud system. After that, it can be renewed or the system can be modified so the data is retrieved locally using Modbus.

Complete energy submetering in Mauritius

We offer a complete submetering options, allowing you to fully understand energy usage at a micro and macro level.

Current clamps can be used at the distribution panels to understand the energy coming into the whole residential or commercial building in Mauritius.

The clamps can also be used to monitor individual circuit breakers.

A smart plug switch can be used to monitor all appliances connected to that switch.

Finally, the clamps can be attached to the power cable of an appliance for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM).

Complete energy submetering in Mauritius
Smart energy monitoring mobile app in Mauritius

Web-based interface and mobile app

Our system has an integrated user interface system to graph the usage of the system. This can easily be accessed using your computer browser or smartphone through the mobile app.

The web-based interface allows data to be visualized in 5-minute, hourly, daily, and monthly intervals. This helps the user understand the trend and how changes are impacting energy usage across the industrial or commercial building in Mauritius.

The user-friendly consumer app is available for iOS and Android. It displays real-time energy data and graphs with historic overviews per day, week, month, and year. Furthermore, the app allows control of the smart plug within the energy monitoring system.


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