Socket Smart plug mauritius

Smart WiFi Socket

With this 230V smart plug, you are able to control your devices remotely using your smartphone or voice assistant. It can be used in Mauritius because it is a UK version that is compatible with local systems, power outlets, and devices.

Safety Smart plug mauritius

Safe Advanced Material

Our smart plug imported in Mauritius uses safe and advanced material that allows integration of voice assistant with the smart plug without the use of intermediary hubs. It is able to maintain its small size due to these advanced technologies.

Alexa Smart plug mauritius

Alexa integration

For more complete home automation, the Smart Life app and smart plug can work with the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant even in Mauritius. After integration, you can control your smart-plugged devices with solely your voice.

Easy to setup Smart plug mauritius

Easy to set up the smart plug in Mauritius

We provide step by step instruction on how to install the app on your smartphone and integrating it with your voice assistant if you wish to do so. Our focus is on Amazon Alexa/Echo but you are able to integrate it with Google home as well.

The smart life app used by this smart plug is very robust and can be used to control your device remotely and even set up a schedule for your smart plug. Furthermore, you are able to group multiple smart plugs together and have them operate as a set. This grouping can be done in terms of location or device type.

Automate your devices in Mauritius

Are you leaving for vacation for a few days? You can schedule your lights to turn on and off at specific times to make it look like you want are home.

Do you drink coffee at the same time every morning? Schedule your coffee maker to turn on exactly at the same time everyday.

Do you watch TV at the same time everyday? Schedule it to be ON by the time you walk in front of it.

Eliminate the menial decisions and work so you can focus on living your own life to the fullest. You can even create Scenes that sequence multiple of these smart actions with your smart plugs per your specification.

Smart Plug Mauritius
specifications Smart plug mauritius

Specifications for the smart plug in Mauritius

  • This smart plug is rated 600W ordinary load
  • You don't need another switch to control it
  • It is able to handle input voltages 100-240V
  • The output current is up to 10A
  • When on standby, it uses 0.4W/hour
  • Its housing is made of ABS+PC fireproof material
  • It was designed per EU specifications
  • It is certified per FCC/ROSH (ETL in progress)
  • It can work in environments with up to 80% humidity, ideal for Mauritius
  • It uses 2.4GHZ 802.11b/g/n WiFi network
  • The network security level is WPA/WPA
  • The color is white
  • The size is 8.5cm x 5.5cm x 5.5cm

Need more information about this smart plug that is compatible with Alexa in Mauritius before buying? Fill in your contact information below and we'll be in touch.