Smart energy monitoring in Mauritius

Smart energy monitoring

Our smart energy monitor is able to connect to your breaker panel in Mauritius. It can connect to up to 14 circuit breakers, each of which can be up to 1000A. Although designed for residential, it also allows for cost-effective commercial and industrial applications. Solar integration  is available.

Smart energy monitoring hub in Mauritius. CT high quality.

High quality and safe

Our products that allow smart energy monitoring in Mauritius are made in the USA. They have been tested for compliance with regulatory and safety standards of North America and Europe.

Smart hub energy monitoring in Mauritius

Integrated Analytic Tools

The collected data is transferred over WiFi and used to graphically show the power usage from individual circuits as well as the total power usage. This allows smart monitoring of your energy consumption in Mauritius.

Smart home energy monitoring in Mauritius to make them more sustainable

Smart residential energy monitoring in Mauritius

Our smart energy monitoring device is able to measure mains, individual circuits, and solar with any voltage or frequency. It can display years of data saved within the unit itself.

Each circuit is monitored using a passive sensor that clips around one of the wires within the circuit.

We also have a wall transformer installed into a receptacle to determine the baseline voltage and frequency.

High quality smart energy monitoring hub

We provide the highest quality products for the price paid. The base unit is made in the USA and ETL certified to UL standards, FCC part B compliant, and also CE marked.

Our power supplies and AC transformers are UL listed. Our current transformers are UL or ETL recognized components. In summary, they are high quality products certified to rigid standards.

We warrant the hardware against defects for one year. We will repair or replace it should it fail.

High quality and safe energy monitoring smart in Mauritius
Energy monitoring integrated analytic tool in Mauritius provided by Elekron Sustainability Ltd

Graphical interface for analytics

Our system has an integrated user interface system to graph the usage of the system. This can easily be accessed using your computer or smartphone browser.

The data can also be uploaded to servers for advanced visualization tools and remote viewing.

We use open software so there is no licensing cost.

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