Elekron sustainability simplifies access to sustainable building designs in Mauritius

One bedroom apartment

This design is appropriate for adding one more apartment on top of an existing building with the prerequisite structural integrity. We have achieved net zero energy in this design through passive design features as well as smart cleantech, such as solar panels and smart blinds. The footprint is about 50m^2.

Sustainable roof in Mauritius to increase the sustainability of the building. This is the consulting services elekron can provide.

Two 3-BR apartments with parking and storage

This design is useful in dense urban areas. There are two three-bedroom apartments: one of the first floor and one of the second floor. The ground floor is parking, and storage and maintenance rooms. It achieves net zero energy through passive design features and solar power system. It is optimized for daylighting. We have different variations of passive design features for every 22.5 degrees of orientation. The footprint is about 140m^2.

Mixed-use urban building

This design is currently being developed.