Full home engineering

We can design every aspect of your home including layout, structural, electrical, piping, and landscape. We'll also design your green roof, renewable energy system, and rainwater harvesting.

Construction Management

We can manage the implementation of our design with our construction partners.

Set up + training

We will set up the devices and systems that we engineered and train you on how to use them. We take away the headaches of understanding new technology.


Net zero carbon home

Your home will be designed to minimize heat transfer inside. This eliminates the use of air conditioning to keep you comfortable even during the summer months. The rest of your electricity usage will be powered using solar panels, zeroing your carbon emissions.

Smart home

Your home will be designed so there is WiFi throughout your home without having to connect to different routers as you move. All your smart devices will be connected through this WiFi network, allowing you to control them using voice commands or using your smartphone.


Reach out to us now

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