Free electricity in Mauritius

When designing our solar power system, we work with you to calculate your building's daily energy needs to size up the system. With our technical background in systems design, we can ensure that you won't run out of solar energy from the solar panels. Once installed, you will be able to enjoy free electricity in Mauritius.

Pays for itself

We can work with you on the economics of a solar power system in Mauritius. You should be able to recover the cost of the solar system within a reasonable timeframe. The system will pay for itself in two ways. First, there are tax incentives in Mauritius for the purchase of solar power systems. Second, you will receive free electricity generated using the solar panels on a daily basis.

No downtime

Do you fear that not enough energy will be produced using the solar panels? We have different ways of addressing this issue to make sure you always have access to electricity even when there is a cyclone around Mauritius and there is no sunshine in Mauritius for days.


Power of solar energy in Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys a relatively high solar yield, which makes solar PV and solar thermal systems well suited as renewable energy sources for our buildings. We are well-versed in the economics of the systems and work with you to make sure that the system pays for itself in Mauritius within a reasonable period.

Customized solar power system in Mauritius

We work with you to determine the size of solar power system and battery for your needs. We perform in-depth calculations based on your actual energy usage to size the system. We are also able to use our smart energy monitoring system in Mauritius to determine your usage based on the time of the day. We then work with you through our logic of what your system should be sized at.

In this manner, you will be investing in a solar power system in Mauritius that you need. There won't be any waste or inefficiencies.

Solar power system for free energy in Mauritius

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