Centrifugal water pumps application in Mauritius

A pump is a device used to move or push a fluid (liquid or gas) through mechanical actions by converting electrical energy to hydraulic energy to give the fluid momentum. Pumps can be divided into main two categories:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps


Centrifugal pumps are used for water pumps and have different types of flow according to its impeller design: -

  • Axial pump

In an axial flow pump, water enters through a nozzle and is rotated by an impeller to be propel out through a discharge nozzle. This pump is designed for high flow rate and low-pressure system.

Common uses: Circulating water pumps for industrial purposes.

  • Radial pump

In a radial flow pump, water enters through the centre of the impeller and is accelerated along the impeller to be discharge out through a nozzle. This pump is designed for high pressure system. Radial pumps can have a close or open or semi-open type impeller.

Common uses: Small domestic water pumps (filling and emptying water tanks), small booster pump for houses and low-storey buildings water supply, small irrigation system.


  • Mixed flow

In a mixed flow pump incorporates both radial and axial flow. It is used for medium or high pressure head at a medium flow rate water system.

Common uses: Industrial power plants, large irrigation system and sewage drainage system application.

  • Multistage Booster pump

A multistage pump is considered a centrifugal pump made up of two or more radial impellers in series. Water enters the pump and is accelerated through multiple impellers with higher pressure and flow rate out of the nozzle.

Common uses: Booster pump for multi-storey building, fire fighting system, irrigation system, submersible pump.


The common applications of centrifugal water pumps for houses and buildings in Mauritius are:

  1. Radial pump

Radial pump is the most common choice for many applications like pumping, supplying, and boosting pressure for domestic low storey buildings, as fire fighting stand-by and duty pumps (to supply hose reel and hydrants) or hot/chill water recirculation systems such as boilers or chillers.

  1. Multistage booster pump

It increases the pressure of a fluid (both liquid or gases) and is mainly used for high-pressure systems such as irrigation systems, fire fighting systems (sprinkler system) or to boost water pressure in a multi-storey building, as jockey pump in fire fighting systems to maintain pressure, subemersible pumps.


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