Sizing a Solar energy system


A solar energy system uses renewable energy source (sunlight) which is captured by sunlight
to be converted into electricity.

PV systems

  • Off grid system

It consists of PV modules connected to batteries for storage or direct use for a building. It is not connected to a public electricty grid-line. When the batteries are full a charge controller stop the charging process.


  • On grid system

The PV modules are connected to the grid and building use via a metering device. Part of the electricity are sold to the public electrcity grid


  • Hybrid solar system

This sytem provides a building with electrcity both from PV modules and the public electricity grid. Batteries are used to stored electricity for the building and in case of no storage, the electricity grid will back up electricity to the building.





The total power consumption demands (KWh) per day for all electrical appliances must be calculated first.


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